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Student Research Workshop

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Monday, June 23, 2014

 SRW Thesis Proposal Presentations
13:20–13:45Bayesian Kernel Methods for Natural Language Processing
Daniel Beck
13:45–14:10Extracting Temporal and Causal Relations between Events
Paramita Mirza
14:10–14:35Towards a discourse relation-aware approach for Chinese-English machine translation
Frances Yung
14:35–15:00Analyzing Positions and Topics in Political Discussions of the German Bundestag
Cäcilia Zirn
 Poster Highlights
18:05–18:50SRW Research Papers
 A Mapping-Based Approach for General Formal Human Computer Interaction Using Natural Language
Vincent Letard, Sophie Rosset and Gabriel Illouz
 An Exploration of Embeddings for Generalized Phrases
Wenpeng Yin and Hinrich Schütze
 Learning Grammar with Explicit Annotations for Subordinating Conjunctions
Dongchen Li, Xiantao Zhang and Xihong Wu
 Going beyond sentences when applying tree kernels
Dmitry Ilvovsky
 Multi-document summarization using distortion-rate ratio
Ulukbek Attokurov and Ulug Bayazit
 Disambiguating prepositional phrase attachment sites with sense information captured in contextualized distributional data
Clayton Greenberg
 Open Information Extraction for Spanish Language based on Syntactic Constraints
Alisa Zhila and Alexander Gelbukh
 Improving Text Normalization via Unsupervised Model and Discriminative Reranking
Chen Li and Yang Liu
 Poster Highlights
18:05–18:50Main Conference Papers Sponsored by SRW
 Poster Session
18:50–21:30SRW Thesis Proposal and Research Papers
 Poster Session
18:50–21:30Main Conference Papers Sponsored by SRW