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52nd Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics: Tutorials

Tutorials PROGRAM

June 22, 2014

9:00–12:30Gaussian Processes for Natural Language Processing
Trevor Cohn, Daniel Preotiuc-Pietro and Neil Lawrence
9:00–12:30Scalable Large-Margin Structured Learning: Theory and Algorithms
Liang Huang, Kai Zhao and Lemao Liu
9:00–12:30Semantics for Large-Scale Multimedia: New Challenges for NLP
Florian Metze and Koichi Shinoda
9:00–12:30Wikification and Beyond: The Challenges of Entity and Concept Grounding
Dan Roth, Heng Ji, Ming-Wei Chang and Taylor Cassidy
14:00–17:30New Directions in Vector Space Models of Meaning
Phil Blunsom, Georgiana Dinu, Edward Grefenstette and Karl Moritz Hermann
14:00–17:30Structured Belief Propagation for NLP
Matthew Gormley and Jason Eisner
14:00–17:30Semantics, Discourse and Statistical Machine Translation
Deyi Xiong and Min Zhang
14:00–17:30Syntactic Processing Using Global Discriminative Learning and Beam-Search Decoding
Yue Zhang, Meishan Zhang and Ting Liu