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TACL Papers Presented at 52nd Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics

Kristina Toutanova
Hua Wu

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Front matter [pdf] pages
Training Deterministic Parsers with Non-Deterministic Oracles
Yoav Goldberg and Joakim Nivre
pp. 1–12
Joint Incremental Disfluency Detection and Dependency Parsin
Matthew Honnibal and Mark Johnson
pp. 13–24
A Crossing-Sensitive Third-Order Factorization for Dependency Parsing
Emily Pitler
pp. 25–38
Exploring the Role of Stress in Bayesian Word Segmentation using Adaptor Grammars
Benjamin Börschinger and Mark Johnson
pp. 39–50
FLORS: Fast and Simple Domain Adaptation for Part-of-Speech Tagging
Tobias Schnabel and Hinrich Schütze
pp. 51–62
A Tabular Method for Dynamic Oracles in Transition-Based Parsing
Yoav Goldberg, Francesco Sartorio and Giorgio Satta
pp. 63–74
Temporal Annotation in the Clinical Domain
William Styler, Steven Bethard, Sean Finan, Martha Palmer, Sameer Pradhan, Piet C de Groen, Brad Erickson, Timothy Miller, Chen Lin, Guergana Savova and James Pustejovsky
pp. 75–86
Entity Linking meets Word Sense Disambiguation: a Unified Approach
Andrea Moro, Alessandro Raganato and Roberto Navigli
pp. 87–100
Data-Driven Metaphor Recognition and Explanation
Hongsong Li, Kenny Q. Zhu and Haixun Wang
pp. 101–112
Grounded Compositional Semantics for Finding and Describing Images with Sentences
Richard Socher, Andrej Karpathy, Quoc V. Le, Christopher Manning and Andrew Ng
pp. 113–124
Parallel Algorithms for Unsupervised Tagging
Sujith Ravi, Sergei Vassilivitskii and Vibhor Rastogi
pp. 125–138
Heterogeneous Networks and Their Applications: Scientometrics, Name Disambiguation, and Topic Modeling
Ben King, Rahul Jha and Dragomir R. Radev
pp. 139–152
Discriminative Lexical Semantic Segmentation with Gaps: Running the MWE Gamut
Nathan Schneider, Emily Danchik, Chris Dyer and Noah A. Smith
pp. 153–166
Segmentation for Efficient Supervised Language Annotation with an Explicit Cost-Utility Tradeoff
Matthias Sperber, Mirjam Simantzik, Graham Neubig, Satoshi Nakamura and Alex Waibel
pp. 167–178
The Language Demographics of Amazon Mechanical Turk
Ellie Pavlick, Matt Post, Ann Irvine, Dmitry Kachaev and Chris Callison-Burch
pp. 179–192
Cross-lingual Projected Expectation Regularization for Weakly Supervised Learning
Mengqiu Wang and Christopher Manning
pp. 193–204
Back to Basics for Monolingual Alignment: Exploiting Word Similarity and Contextual Evidence
Md Arafat Sultan, Steven Bethard and Tamara Sumner
pp. 205–216
From image descriptions to visual denotations: New similarity metrics for semantic inference over event descriptions
Peter Young, Alice Lai, Micah Hodosh and Julia Hockenmaier
pp. 217–228
Senti-LSSVM: Sentiment-Oriented Multi-Relation Extraction with Latent Structural SVM
Lizhen Qu, Yi Zhang, Rui Wang, Lili Jiang, Rainer Gemulla and Gerhard Weikum
pp. 229–242

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