Proceedings of the Eighteenth Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning

Roser Morante (University of Antwerp)
Scott Wen-tau Yih (Microsoft Research)

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Front matter [pdf] [bib] pages
What’s in a p-value in NLP?
Anders Søgaard, Anders Johannsen, Barbara Plank, Dirk Hovy and Héctor Martínez Alonso
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 1–10
Domain-Specific Image Captioning
Rebecca Mason and Eugene Charniak
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 11–20
Reconstructing Native Language Typology from Foreign Language Usage
Yevgeni Berzak, Roi Reichart and Boris Katz
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 21–29
Automatic Transliteration of Romanized Dialectal Arabic
Mohamed Al-Badrashiny, Ramy Eskander, Nizar Habash and Owen Rambow
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 30–38
Learning to Rank Answer Candidates for Automatic Resolution of Crossword Puzzles
Gianni Barlacchi, Massimo Nicosia and Alessandro Moschitti
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 39–48
Inducing Neural Models of Script Knowledge
Ashutosh Modi and Ivan Titov
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 49–57
Grounding Language with Points and Paths in Continuous Spaces
Jacob Andreas and Dan Klein
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 58–67
Looking for Hyponyms in Vector Space
Marek Rei and Ted Briscoe
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 68–77
Lexicon Infused Phrase Embeddings for Named Entity Resolution
Alexandre Passos, Vineet Kumar and Andrew McCallum
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 78–86
Focused Entailment Graphs for Open IE Propositions
Omer Levy, Ido Dagan and Jacob Goldberger
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 87–97
Improved Pattern Learning for Bootstrapped Entity Extraction
Sonal Gupta and Christopher Manning
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 98–108
Towards Temporal Scoping of Relational Facts based on Wikipedia Data
Avirup Sil and Silviu-Petru Cucerzan
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 109–118
Distributed Word Representation Learning for Cross-Lingual Dependency Parsing
Min Xiao and Yuhong Guo
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 119–129
Treebank Translation for Cross-Lingual Parser Induction
Jörg Tiedemann, Željko Agić and Joakim Nivre
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 130–140
Weakly-Supervised Bayesian Learning of a CCG Supertagger
Dan Garrette, Chris Dyer, Jason Baldridge and Noah A. Smith
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 141–150
Factored Markov Translation with Robust Modeling
Yang Feng, Trevor Cohn and Xinkai Du
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 151–159
Hallucinating Phrase Translations for Low Resource MT
Ann Irvine and Chris Callison-Burch
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 160–170
Linguistic Regularities in Sparse and Explicit Word Representations
Omer Levy and Yoav Goldberg
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 171–180
Probabilistic Modeling of Joint-context in Distributional Similarity
Oren Melamud, Ido Dagan, Jacob Goldberger, Idan Szpektor and Deniz Yuret
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 181–190
A Rudimentary Lexicon and Semantics Help Bootstrap Phoneme Acquisition
Abdellah Fourtassi and Emmanuel Dupoux
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 191–200

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