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9th Workshop on Innovative Use of NLP for Building Educational Applications


Thursday, June 26, 2014

8:45–9:00Load Presentations
9:00–9:15Opening Remarks
9:15–9:40Automated Measures of Specific Vocabulary Knowledge from Constructed Responses (’Use These Words to Write a Sentence Based on this Picture’)
Swapna Somasundaran and Martin Chodorow
9:40–10:05Automatic Assessment of the Speech of Young English Learners
Jian Cheng, Yuan Zhao D’Antilio, Xin Chen and Jared Bernstein
10:05–10:25Automatic detection of plagiarized spoken responses
Keelan Evanini and Xinhao Wang
11:00–11:20Understanding MOOC Discussion Forums using Seeded LDA
Arti Ramesh, Dan Goldwasser, Bert Huang, Hal Daume and Lise Getoor
11:20–12:30Invited Speaker: Norbert Elliot
2:00–3:30Posters and Demos
 Translation Class Instruction as Collaboration in the Act of Translation
Lars Ahrenberg and Ljuba Tarvi
 The pragmatics of margin comments: An empirical study
Debora Field, Stephen Pulman and Denise Whitelock
 Surprisal as a Predictor of Essay Quality
Gaurav Kharkwal and Smaranda Muresan
 Towards Domain-Independent Assessment of Elementary Students’ Science Competency using Soft Cardinality
Samuel Leeman-Munk, Angela Shelton, Eric Wiebe and James Lester
 Automatic evaluation of spoken summaries: the case of language assessment
Anastassia Loukina, Klaus Zechner and Lei Chen
 An Explicit Feedback System for Preposition Errors based on Wikipedia Revisions
Nitin Madnani and Aoife Cahill
 Syllable and language model based features for detecting non-scorable tests in spoken language proficiency assessment applications
Angeliki Metallinou and Jian Cheng
 Improving Peer Feedback Prediction: The Sentence Level is Right
Huy Nguyen and Diane Litman
 ArCADE: An Arabic Corpus of Auditory Dictation Errors
C. Anton Rytting, Paul Rodrigues, Tim Buckwalter, Valerie Novak, Aric Bills, Noah H. Silbert and Mohini Madgavkar
 Similarity-Based Non-Scorable Response Detection for Automated Speech Scoring
Su-Youn Yoon and Shasha Xie
 Natural Language Generation with Vocabulary Constraints
Ben Swanson, Elif Yamangil and Eugene Charniak
 Automated scoring of speaking items in an assessment for teachers of English as a Foreign Language
Klaus Zechner, Keelan Evanini, Su-Youn Yoon, Lawrence Davis, Xinhao Wang, Lei Chen, Chong Min Lee and Chee Wee Leong
 Automatic Generation of Challenging Distractors Using Context-Sensitive Inference Rules
Torsten Zesch and Oren Melamud
 Sentence-level Rewriting Detection
Fan Zhang and Diane Litman
4:00–4:25Exploiting Morphological, Grammatical, and Semantic Correlates for Improved Text Difficulty Assessment
Elizabeth Salesky and Wade Shen
4:25–4:50Assessing the Readability of Sentences: Which Corpora and Features?
Felice Dell’Orletta, Martijn Wieling, Giulia Venturi, Andrea Cimino and Simonetta Montemagni
4:50–5:15Rule-based and machine learning approaches for second language sentence-level readability
Ildikó Pilán, Elena Volodina and Richard Johansson
5:15–5:30Closing Remarks