First Workshop on Argumentation Mining


Thursday June 26, 2014

 Session 1: Papers
8:30–9:00Annotating Patterns of Reasoning about Medical Theories of Causation in Vaccine Cases: Toward a Type System for Arguments
Vern Walker, Karina Vazirova and Cass Sanford
9:00–9:30Towards Creation of a Corpus for Argumentation Mining the Biomedical Genetics Research Literature
Nancy Green
9:30–10:00An automated method to build a corpus of rhetorically-classified sentences in biomedical texts
Hospice Houngbo and Robert Mercer
10:00–10:30Ontology-Based Argument Mining and Automatic Essay Scoring
Nathan Ong, Diane Litman and Alexandra Brusilovsky
 Session 2: Papers
10:30–11:00Identifying Appropriate Support for Propositions in Online User Comments
Joonsuk Park and Claire Cardie
11:00–11:30Analyzing Argumentative Discourse Units in Online Interactions
Debanjan Ghosh, Smaranda Muresan, Nina Wacholder, Mark Aakhus and Matthew Mitsui
11:30–12:00Back up your Stance: Recognizing Arguments in Online Discussions
Filip Boltužić and Jan Šnajder
12:00–12:30Automated argumentation mining to the rescue? Envisioning argumentation and decision-making support for debates in open online collaboration communities
Jodi Schneider
 Session 3: Papers
14:00–14:20A Benchmark Dataset for Automatic Detection of Claims and Evidence in the Context of Controversial Topics
Ehud Aharoni, Anatoly Polnarov, Tamar Lavee, Daniel Hershcovich, Ran Levy, Ruty Rinott, Dan Gutfreund and Noam Slonim
14:20–14:40Applying Argumentation Schemes for Essay Scoring
Yi Song, Michael Heilman, Beata Beigman Klebanov and Paul Deane
14:40–15:00Mining Arguments From 19th Century Philosophical Texts Using Topic Based Modelling
John Lawrence, Chris Reed, Colin Allen, Simon McAlister and Andrew Ravenscroft
15:00–15:20Towards segment-based recognition of argumentation structure in short texts
Andreas Peldszus
 Session 4: Posters
16:00–17:00Poster session
 Titles That Announce Argumentative Claims in Biomedical Research Articles
Heather Graves, Roger Graves, Robert Mercer and Mahzereen Akter
 Extracting Higher Order Relations From Biomedical Text
Syeed Ibn Faiz and Robert Mercer
 Survey in sentiment, polarity and function analysis of citation
Myriam Hernández A. and José M. Gómez
 Indicators of Argument-conclusion Relationships. An Approach for Argumentation Mining in German Discourses
Bianka Trevisan, Eva Dickmeis, Eva-Maria Jakobs and Thomas Niehr
 Extracting Imperatives from Wikipedia Article for Deletion Discussions
Fiona Mao, Robert Mercer and Lu Xiao
 Requirement Mining in Technical Documents
Juyeon Kang and Patrick Saint-Dizier