Proceedings of the 2014 Workshop on the Use of Computational Methods in the Study of Endangered Languages

Jeff Good (University at Buffalo)
Julia Hirschberg (Columbia University)
Owen Rambow (Columbia University)

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Front matter [pdf] [bib] pages
Aikuma: A Mobile App for Collaborative Language Documentation
Steven Bird, Florian R. Hanke, Oliver Adams and Haejoong Lee
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 1–5
Documenting Endangered Languages with the WordsEye Linguistics Tool
Morgan Ulinski, Anusha Balakrishnan, Daniel Bauer, Bob Coyne, Julia Hirschberg and Owen Rambow
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 6–14
Small Languages, Big Data: Multilingual Computational Tools and Techniques for the Lexicography of Endangered Languages
Martin Benjamin and Paula Radetzky
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 15–23
LingSync & the Online Linguistic Database: New Models for the Collection and Management of Data for Language Communities, Linguists and Language Learners
Joel Dunham, Gina Cook and Joshua Horner
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 24–33
Modeling the Noun Morphology of Plains Cree
Conor Snoek, Dorothy Thunder, Kaidi Lõo, Antti Arppe, Jordan Lachler, Sjur Moshagen and Trond Trosterud
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 34–42
Learning Grammar Specifications from IGT: A Case Study of Chintang
Emily M. Bender, Joshua Crowgey, Michael Wayne Goodman and Fei Xia
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 43–53
Creating Lexical Resources for Endangered Languages
Khang Nhut Lam, Feras Al Tarouti and Jugal Kalita
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 54–62
Estimating Native Vocabulary Size in an Endangered Language
Timofey Arkhangelskiy
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 63–67
InterlinguaPlus Machine Translation Approach for Local Languages: Ekegusii & Swahili
Edward Ombui, Peter Wagacha and Wanjiku Ng’ang’a
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 68–72
Building and Evaluating Somali Language Corpora
Abdillahi Nimaan
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 73–76
SeedLing: Building and Using a Seed corpus for the Human Language Project
Guy Emerson, Liling Tan, Susanne Fertmann, Alexis Palmer and Michaela Regneri
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 77–85
Short-Term Projects, Long-Term Benefits: Four Student NLP Projects for Low-Resource Languages
Alexis Palmer and Michaela Regneri
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 86–90
Data Warehouse, Bronze, Gold, STEC, Software
Doug Cooper
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 91–99
Time to Change the "D" in "DEL"
Stephen Beale
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 100–107

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