Proceedings of the 5th Workshop on Computational Approaches to Subjectivity, Sentiment and Social Media Analysis

Alexandra Balahur (European Commission Joint Research Centre)
Erik van der Goot (European Commission Joint Research Centre)
Ralf Steinberger (European Commission Joint Research Centre)
Andres Montoyo (University of Alicante)

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Words: Evaluative, Emotional, Colourful, Musical!
Saif Mohammad
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 1–1
Robust Cross-Domain Sentiment Analysis for Low-Resource Languages
Jakob Elming, Barbara Plank and Dirk Hovy
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 2–7
An Investigation for Implicatures in Chinese : Implicatures in Chinese and in English are similar !
Lingjia Deng and Janyce Wiebe
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 8–17
Inducing Domain-specific Noun Polarity Guided by Domain-independent Polarity Preferences of Adjectives
Manfred Klenner, Michael Amsler and Nora Hollenstein
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 18–23
Aspect-Level Sentiment Analysis in Czech
Josef Steinberger, Tomáš Brychcín and Michal Konkol
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 24–30
Linguistic Models of Deceptive Opinion Spam
Myle Ott
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 31–31
Semantic Role Labeling of Emotions in Tweets
Saif Mohammad, Xiaodan Zhu and Joel Martin
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 32–41
An Impact Analysis of Features in a Classification Approach to Irony Detection in Product Reviews
Konstantin Buschmeier, Philipp Cimiano and Roman Klinger
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 42–49
Modelling Sarcasm in Twitter, a Novel Approach
Francesco Barbieri, Horacio Saggion and Francesco Ronzano
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 50–58
Emotive or Non-emotive: That is The Question
Michal Ptaszynski, Fumito Masui, Rafal Rzepka and Kenji Araki
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 59–65
Challenges in Creating a Multilingual Sentiment Analysis Application for Social Media Mining
Alexandra Balahur, Hristo Tanev and Erik van der Goot
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 66–66
Two-Step Model for Sentiment Lexicon Extraction from Twitter Streams
Ilia Chetviorkin and Natalia Loukachevitch
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 67–72
Linguistically Informed Tweet Categorization for Online Reputation Management
Gerard Lynch and Pádraig Cunningham
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 73–78
Credibility Adjusted Term Frequency: A Supervised Term Weighting Scheme for Sentiment Analysis and Text Classification
Yoon Kim and Owen Zhang
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 79–83
Opinion Mining and Topic Categorization with Novel Term Weighting
Tatiana Gasanova, Roman Sergienko, Shakhnaz Akhmedova, Eugene Semenkin and Wolfgang Minker
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 84–89
Sentiment classification of online political discussions: a comparison of a word-based and dependency-based method
Hugo Lewi Hammer, Per Erik Solberg and Lilja Øvrelid
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 90–96
Improving Agreement and Disagreement Identification in Online Discussions with A Socially-Tuned Sentiment Lexicon
Lu Wang and Claire Cardie
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 97–106
Lexical Acquisition for Opinion Inference: A Sense-Level Lexicon of Benefactive and Malefactive Events
Yoonjung Choi, Lingjia Deng and Janyce Wiebe
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 107–112
Dive deeper: Deep Semantics for Sentiment Analysis
Nikhilkumar Jadhav and Pushpak Bhattacharyya
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 113–118
Evaluating Sentiment Analysis Evaluation: A Case Study in Securities Trading
Siavash Kazemian, Shunan Zhao and Gerald Penn
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 119–127
Sentiment Classification on Polarity Reviews: An Empirical Study Using Rating-based Features
Dai Quoc Nguyen, Dat Quoc Nguyen, Thanh Vu and Son Bao Pham
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 128–135
Effect of Using Regression on Class Confidence Scores in Sentiment Analysis of Twitter Data
Itir Onal, Ali Mert Ertugrul and Ruken Cakici
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 136–141
A cognitive study of subjectivity extraction in sentiment annotation
Abhijit Mishra, Aditya Joshi and Pushpak Bhattacharyya
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 142–146
The Use of Text Similarity and Sentiment Analysis to Examine Rationales in the Large-Scale Online Deliberations
Wanting Mao, Lu Xiao and Robert Mercer
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 147–153
A Conceptual Framework for Inferring Implicatures
Janyce Wiebe and Lingjia Deng
[pdf] [bib]
pp. 154–159

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